Matt Millen’s Fight
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McSorley’s Moments…. and a look at the biggest influences for Nick Scott.
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“The Wave” across seven Saturdays….
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Jonathan Taylor’s sprint to early stardom
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Reunion in Lincoln
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Schiano’s Rutgers return, J.T.’s new record, and “Be a 5”.
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Ten years since “Play 13.”
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The New Norm.
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A new Badger star is born …and dealing with Hurricane Irma….
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The “Rat Trap,” a QB and OC debut in Iowa City …
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“I was taught to never say no
to AN opportunity ... take the GRUNT job to get to the GLORY job."

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  • @LisaByington: 13 hours ago

    This is where we are at. And I don’t know of anyone who “rooted” for this. I will miss all of the B1G fall sports, like I have missed watching sports in this conference since March. But we are in the middle of a pandemic, & the safety & a cure has to be the focus right now.

  • @LisaByington: 2 days ago

    @Josh_Frons 1. 👊🏻 2. Kinda.

  • @LisaByington: 3 days ago

    In a world of such sports uncertainty, I think Nicole has become one of the most important “go-to’s” for updated info. She is a hard worker, & accurate, & relentless in getting the story. I have her on speed dial on my Twitter timeline. (Did I age myself with “speed dial?”)☎️…


“I have done everything from football sideline, to play-by-play, to studio work, to basketball analysis, to producing 8-minute features.

I started out at a station in Alpena, Michigan. Second-smallest television market in the country. Just above Glendive, Montana. Seriously.”

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