I was taught to never say no to opportunity.

It’s why I have done everything from football sideline, to play-by-play, to studio work, to basketball analysis, to producing 8-minute features.

I also have learned, you have to put in the time at the “grunt” job to get the “glory” job.

It’s why I started out at a station (WBKB) in Alpena, Michigan. Second-smallest television market in the country. Just above Glendive, Montana. Seriously.

In fact, I joke with people that on my drive to my first job interview in Alpena, I hit “scan” on the radio dial, and it went all the way through without stopping. Oh yeah, and I was on FM.

I spent nearly the next decade at a local news station (WLNS) in Lansing, Michigan. I chased down a ton of high school human-interest stories and state titles, juggled that with the college sports scene from East Lansing to Ann Arbor, and I got my feet wet covering all of the Detroit pro sports teams at some point or another.

Since then, I have worked for a variety of places and teams and networks.

I absolutely love what I do.

There’s nothing like arriving at a stadium or an arena, feeling the energy of a game day, and knowing that THIS is your “office” for the next few hours.

Work doesn’t feel like “work” – and that’s when you know you’re doing the right thing.

Where to now? Who knows …

That’s the fun part. 🙂

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