I’ve always been a storyteller. In fact, one of my favorite things to do in TV, though I don’t get much time anymore to do it, is to work on features.

You can still tell stories during games, but as a sideline reporter you have to tell them in 20-30 second increments. Not to mention, it’s a challenge to try to get something “unique and different” out of coaches/players during interviews within the game, when you’re really the last person they want to see. 🙂

NCAA Tourney Sideline Reporting - 2018 (Loyola Run)

Sister Jean and the Loyola Ramblers made an incredible run thru March. Lisa Byington takes you through some of the journey from 2018.

TAGS: Loyola , Sister Jean , Clayton Custer , Ben Richardson , Porter Moser
Sideline Reporting: Football 2017

From Greg Schiano's return to Rutgers for the first time, an RV trailer that bonded an Iowa defense, to Saquon Barkley's success and Jonathan Taylor's way to get Wisconsin to notice him in high school -- those are just some of the sideline stories BTN's Lisa Byington brings you from the 2017 football season.

TAGS: Greg Schiano , Urban Meyer , Saquon Barkley , Jonathan Taylor , James Franklin , Pat Fitzgerald
Michigan Softball Pizza Feature

Michigan's softball team made a magical run to the National Championship game in 2015. They did it with exceptional hitting, pitching, and a love for pizza. Pizza? Yes. BTN's Lisa Byington explains....

TAGS: Michigan Softball , Carol Hutchins , Sierra Romero