“Badgered” Buckeye Injury Update

  • BY Lisa Byington
  • 4.20.15

Fresh off taking a trip to Columbus, I wanted to share some of the info I got on a few of the key injured players.

In the pregame, I chatted with Doug Calland, OSU’s Head Athletic Trainer, who is always good about his time and the information he shares. Thanks again, Doug!

About Braxton Miller…

He should be going through full progression throws by June. Calland reiterated to me the uniqueness of Miller’s shoulder rehab this time around, progressing it through a 8-9 month period, citing no need to rush him back.

Currently, Miller is tossing about 30 footballs, throwing as deep as 35-40 yards.

About J.T. Barrett…

Unlike Miller, Calland says Barrett has had a much more “straight-forward rehab” with his ankle.

He will be “full-go” now that spring ball is over. He had been able to participate in some step and throw drills, but avoided any heavy running.

Calland adds, with probably no surprise to most, Barrett has been “awesome” through the whole process, and has been such a “hard-working kid” to get back.

About Ezekiel Elliott…

He just recently got his cast off, and was walking around the field Saturday with a wrist splint.

Elliott told me on the field he will have another three weeks before he is completely healthy.

His speed hasn’t changed. Hope you caught that “fastest Buckeye” competition we aired at halftime!

If you venture over to BTN’s Ohio State twitter page, you can catch some great video clips from Saturday. https://twitter.com/OhioStateOnBTN

And if you’re going to go through withdrawal this summer, you can watch the entire spring game replay here: http://www.btn2go.com/game/ohio-state-spring-football-04182015

Off to MSU’s game this week … Hope you can join us!

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