Golfing with Don.

Ever have one of those “full-circle moments”? Mine came on the golf course today. So …… an 87-year-old, a 69-year-old, and a sub-40-year-old went golfing together….. I know. Sounds like the start of a joke. We were at Marshall Country Club in Michigan. I was the sub-40-year-old (worded tenderly). I played with my 69-year-old dad, and Don VanderGeest. Don is 87. You wouldn’t know it. Or guess it. He’s as sharp as a tack, has a biting sense …

He started as a true FR QB for Indiana vs Iowa. Tomorrow he starts as a SR for new team. Knows this pink locker well
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Deep thoughts ... by these guys. Football coming to your screen soon! Illinois St v Iowa Sat 12e/11c on BTN.
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