Wildcat Warrior

Football Saturdays always stretch our focus in plenty of directions. Northwestern didn't beat Nebraska on Saturday, but there was a story I learned about over the weekend, which was greater than any win or loss, and I wanted to share it. WILDCAT WARRIOR  Meet Jake Scheid. He's 8 years old. Loves Northwestern football. And though he can't "see" it, he can certainly "feel" it. Because of various medical complications over the last year, Jake lost vision in …

Sometimes football is not all about winning and losing, as I found out this weekend. Cool story involving @NUFBFamily lisabyington.com/post/wildcat-w…
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G.M. = Glen Mason or Grill Master? @BTNGlenMason @kevinkugler http://t.co/p5lBDsUvey
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New blog: #chadtough continues to be strong in Ann Arbor ... lisabyington.com/post/chadtough… @umichfootball #Michigan #wolverines
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