Thank you, Stuart

I never met Stuart Scott. But he made me feel like I knew him. And that was his gift. He had the courage to take chances on the air, to be himself, even when some thought it was too much. He. Never. Gave. In. In anything. His job. Fatherhood. His fight against cancer. What was he? He was a sports broadcaster who was entertaining. He was a guy who came up with cool catchphrases, to entertain us at 11 PM …

Happy for @bigtenconf .... Awesome to see both @BadgerMBB & @MSU_Basketball in Final 4.
about 2 hours ago

Heeeeey @joerexrode ..... SMILE!!! 😂😂😂
about 2 days ago

This place was fantastic. But what more would you expect with a name like Vera's? Right, @CoachVeraJones ? 😆😆
about 2 days ago