2 Shots in 2 NCAA Tourneys scored 2 Takeaways.

I watched. My eyes were fixed on two shots suspended in the air. One came on Monday. One on Tuesday. One, on the men’s side and the other, on the women’s. Both were the final two shots taken for their respective college basketball seasons. Two Shots. Two Tourneys. Two Takeaways. Let me tell you something. I can only stand eating one cheese curd, I sometimes pick off my mozzarella from my pizza, but I am a sucker for …

Love this event every year. And I totally have @CoachJim4UM in the HR Derby. 😉⚾️ twitter.com/chengelis/stat…
about 28 minutes ago

I like watching the Spurs, because after many years of not following the NBA closely, I turn on the TV & still feel like I know their team 😝
about 9 hours ago

Why is chopping veggies so cathartic? #DeepThoughts #WithMyZucchiniAndSpinach 😳😁🍴🙌🏻
about 14 hours ago