Changing of the Gard…

On theĀ morning of December 23rd, justĀ hours before his head coaching debut, Wisconsin's Greg Gard hopped in the car to drive an hour and fifteen minutes away. He had one place to get to. If Gard's father couldn't be physically at his son's first game, Greg Gard wanted to be as physically close to him asĀ possible on this day. So Greg drove the distance to his father's gravesite. Glen Gard died this past Fall from ā€¦

It's not the dirty window, but the thought that counts ... šŸ˜
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RT @PennStateOnBTN: ICYMI: @PennStateWBB goes to East Lansing and pulls off the upset with a 65-61 win over the Spartans.ā€¦
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RT @GoPSUKris: Two of my faves - @LisaByington and @stephaniewhite calling the @PennStateWBB game to entertain me while I work on the sprinā€¦
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