Chasing down Harbaugh…Brady’s Back…Kordell and the Colorado connection.

Chasing down Harbaugh ....  Wear comfortable shoes. That's a must for a sideline reporter. And for all the obvious reasons. First, you're standing for at least a three-hour football game. Your feet, calves and legs will thank you. Secondly, you might have to do your best Usain Bolt and chase a coach down ... like I did on Saturday with Jim Harbaugh. Here's the fun we had with it on the broadcast: Chasing down Jim Harbaugh. To …

Both Arnold Palmer and Stu Scott will be (are) missed from this commercial.…
about 4 hours ago

RT @BigTenNetwork: ICYMI: This @Meesh_McMahon tribute to ex-@MSU_Football P Mike Sadler is incredible.
about 5 hours ago

The offense today from the @wnbachicagosky WITHOUT leading scorer @De11eDonne continues to impress me. #WNBAPlayoffs #wnba20
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